Grammar Links

I have had a few people send me some fantastic links about language and grammar since I began writing my blogs and I’d like to share some of my favourites with you.
The Alot Is Better Than You At Everything- This is a great way to handle an infamous “alot” sighting:

The Grammar Nazi- An amusing skit from the That Mitchell and Webb Look Series:

The Grammar Nazis- College Humour’s take on grammar (great way to understand the dangling participle):

Literally- This is a video on how people misuse the word “literally”-

Dear America- from David Mitchell’s Soap Box- His rant about the phrase, “I could care less”:

Everyday Expressions- Here is George Carlin’s take on expressions that don’t make sense:

I’m also going to throw in a link that I personally really enjoyed. It has nothing to do with grammar, but I think it’s a great video that puts a few things into perspective. I’ll be using a few lines from this video next time I see someone getting mad at their phone.

Everything’s Amazing And Nobody Is Happy- This is Louis C. K.’s rant about how everything is amazing and yet no one is happy:



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